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May 27, 2019
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The Top 4 Adventurous Vacation Destinations in the World

When many of us think about booking that perfect trip to take time away from the stresses of day to day life, relaxing destinations like beaches and days under the sun come to mind. But how often have you gone to these relaxing locations only to come home and feel like you wasted your time away just lying around?

Sometimes, the perfect vacation is one that transports you to not only another place, but a new world of adventure. You’ll have countless chances to go on that standard vacation in your life. Why not take a chance and give yourself a new experience? Here are the top 4 adventurous vacation destinations in the world. Book your trip to any of the places on this list and assure an adventurous experience you won’t soon forget.

 Mount Thor, Nunavut, Canada: The World’s Steepest Peak

If you want the experience of putting your hiking skills to the test, consider taking a trip to Mount Thor, the world’s steepest peak. Located in Nanavut, Canada, Mount Thor is 5,495 feet tall but that isn’t what makes this adventurous travel destination special. Made of pure granite, Mount Thor has an incredible 4,101 foot drop at an average of 105 degrees.


For any hiker looking to conquer the world’s most impressive climbs, Mount Thor can’t be left off the list. Once you’ve reached the summit, you can set up camp and enjoy the landscape of one of the most remote locations on Earth. If hiking isn’t quite your forte and you would rather travel to simply experience the awe of this impressive natural marvel, you’ll be able to enjoy camping at the base.

Angel Falls, Venezuela: The Tallest Waterfall in the World

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the most beautiful entries on our list. Waterfalls have always been cause for awe and fascination and as the tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls is the most impressive of all. The falls are 3,212 feet tall with an incredible 2,648 downward plunge.

For those seeking the adventure of a lifetime, Angel Falls can’t be missed.


A knowledge of the outdoors will be useful when it comes to reaching this beautiful waterfall as the journey to it will involve a trek through some of Venezuela’s most isolated jungles. To reach Canaima Camp, the starting point of the river trips, you’ll have to book a flight from Puerto Odaz or Cuidad Bolivar. December and June are the high peaks of the tourism season as the rivers will be deep enough for the guides who will help you through your journey.


East Africa’s Safari Adventures

East Africa’s safari adventures are about as close as you can get to some of the world’s most majestic animals. With several massive natural parks sprinkled throughout the region, you’ll marvel at the sights and sounds of one of the few untouched ecosystems left on Earth.


If walking safaris are more your style, you can travel to Zambia, the only country where this safari style is still offered. Viewing safaris are still offered widely where you’ll be up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife and will have the perfect opportunity to snap pictures. No matter the region you choose for your safari adventure, your best experience can be had July through March. This will help you to avoid the rainy season. Book your trip to East Africa today to take in Africa’s most beautiful sights.

Zhangjiajie, China: A Land of Many Sights

Zhangjiajie is located in the Hunan Province and is known for its mix of various different landscapes. From upland plains to mountainous regions, there’s a different sight for any adventurer to enjoy. There is as much of a variety of activities in Zhangjiajie as there is in its landscapes.


One of the most popular tourist activities in Zhangjiajie is the drifting experience on the Mayoan River. Adventurers will enjoy the zigzagging river as it offers an exhilarating ride. Another particularly popular Zhangjiajie experience is the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge. This bridge is the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world. This bridge is suspended between two mountains and is a trail of might for the adventurous and a chance to face fears for those afraid of heights.




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